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!tutorial en/pl/br - changes language of tutorial
!skip - skips tutorial (only if you have another character on main)
!vote yes/no, reason - voting (if vote starts, just say '!vote yes/no')
!karma - shows your karma
!online - shows list of online players
!online guild - shows list of online players from your guild
!uptime - shows how many minutes/hours server is up during last restart
!frags - shows your frags
!saga - shows information about current [saga]
!saga id - shows list of online players whom current saga is id
!quests - shows list of undone [quests]
!exp - shows experience to next level
!ki - shows amount of ki that need to be spent for next ki level
!website - shows address of webiste
!cash - shows how many zeni do you have from loot
!cash x - allow you to withdraw money in depot, x is a number of zeni
!cash messages - turns on/off messages about gained zeni
!reputation - shows your reputation
!titles - shows [titles] of player
!absorb - shows melee and ki absorb of your character
!boost - shows information about your current [boost]
!besthit - shows your best melee and ki hit
!bonus x - allows you to change [bonus points] for reward
!support x - allows you to support Namek Dragon Ball in [Namek Event] by x zeni
!certaindrop - shows information about taken certain drop
!raid - shows information about current or last [raid]
!salamandrearena - shows information about [Salamandre Arena Event]
!salamandrearena online - shows list of online players on [Salamandre Arena Event]
!partyloot - turns on/off information about loot from monsters killed by your party
!autoloot - turns on/off automatic picking up of items from killed monsters
!changename new name - changes your name to new for 300 hours of Z-Fighter time
!enable_attack_low - allows you to attack weak players which gives you 2+ frags
!enable_effects - turns on/off displaying animated effects of techniques
!enable_percents - turns on/off displaying damage in percents
!enable_pvp - allows you to attack other players (anti-miss click)
!task - shows information about your [task]
!circle - for using circles on Dark Stars ('!circle info')
!skilltime skillname - shows time required to skill up
(skill names: train points, strength, sword fighting, ki blasting, attack speed, defence, energy)
!guildsbattle - shows information about Guilds Battle
!teambattle - shows information about Team Battle
!z-fighter - shows how much Z-Fighter time you have left
!z-scroll x - changes 10h of Z-Fighter time to one Z-Scroll

!buyhouse or !buyhome - allows you to buy a house
!invite - allows you to invite a player to your house
!door - allows you to invite a player to your house and he can open all doors in your house
!kick "name - teleports player inside your house to the front doors of that house
!leave - teleports you to the front doors of your house
!owner - allows you to pass ownership of your house to another player or abandon it
!door owners - shows list of a players from '!invite' who can open the doors next to you

!auction buy id - allows you to buy a item from an auction
!auction add price - allows you to add a item to an auction
!auction cancel id - allows you to cancel your auction
!auction info - shows yours auctions and bank account balance
!auction cashout money - allows you to withdraw money from your bank account