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Salamandre Arena

Salamandre Arena is a event in which two teams fights against each other. Goal of every team is to deal the most damage to salamandre egg.

Time: starts every day at 21:00 (low levels) and at 21:45 (high levels) Polish time
Requirements: 350-999 level (low levels), 1000+ level (high levels)
Duration: to 30 minutes
How to enter: use switch in Hell

During event main goal is to deal the most damage to salamandre egg which is in 'Center'. Team, which deal higher damage wins. There are three spire on arena. Controling a spire by team gives bonuses to team. To take control of spire, you need to stand on switch near spire.
  • big spire - in 'Upper Part', controlling that spire gives +200% damage to egg
  • left small spire - in 'Left Part', controlling that spire gives +150% damage to egg
  • right small spire - in 'Right Part', controlling that spire gives +150% damage to egg
Information about current health of egg, state of spires, damage that we dealed and our current kills might be displayed using command !salamandrearena.
Information about members of each team can be displayed using command !salamandrearena online.

  • every player is automatically assigned to one of teams - blue or red
  • players from enemy team got yellow skulls
  • after death player appears in base and have to wait 30s before leaving
  • walking speed on arena is reduced
  • players with level 900+ gets damage debuff
  • players with level lower than 900 gets less damage from ki
  • egg summons Purple Salamandre
  • egg uses techniuqe 'ULTIMATE', which deals huge damage to players in range - delay 1s
  • egg uses techniuqe 'EXTINCT', which kills every player in range - delay 3s
  • for last 5 minutes egg gets about 300% more damage
  • when one team starts losing (difference 5%), they get PvP buff (+40% damage)
  • when one team is seriously losing (difference 10%), they get PvP buff (+80% damage)
  • buff in PvP lasts to moment when difference between dealed damage will be 2%
  • after leaving arena you cannot come back!

To get reward, you need to stay online to the end of event.
  • winners gets 80 bonus points
  • losers gets 20 bonus points
  • team which inflict last hit and kill egg gets 50 bonus points
  • winners can fight with Fire Salamandre
  • 5 players who inflict most damage gets bonus points and hero coins
  • 5 players who killed most players gets bonus points and hero coins
  • killing a player on arena gives you 1 hero coin

In both bases is NPC Hell Keeper, who can change hero coins to items from Hero Set. Hero Set is a special set that gives significant bonuses. Items from that set works only on Salamandre Arena. Also in both bases you can find switches, thanks to them you can buy brown mushrooms, senzu beans and purple senzu beans, which are 2x better than normal senzu beans, but works only on arena.