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Nilan @ Today 12:47
Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine's Day Event!

Raids I Love You
Since today expect I Love You to invade server at 18:00 and 21:00 Polish time.


At hunting places you can find bosses - Angels, it will give you a decent amount of experience.
Also there is a chance to loot "cute teddy" (rare) and "shenron bag" (very rare).

<The Valentine's Day Lottery has started>

This year once again Valentine's Backpack can be won by first drawn person and there is an additional gift Super Heart Pillow for top 3.

Valentine's Card
Over the next few days you can get Valentine's Card, which can be traded at NPC for prizes.
This card can be obtained from:

* winning 4 sparrings in 1 day
* completing 1st part of task (kill monsters)
* loot from monsters

Playes, who already did 4 sparrings or task before the update went live will receive valentines cards via parcel.
The card can be gifted to any female NPC (hi -> valentines card -> yes):


NPC Bulma - you will receive 1x skill booster (bonus to skill 1.25x)
NPC Teacher - you will receive 1x experience booster (bonus to exp 1.25x)
NPC Cristin - you will receive 1x loot booster (bonus to loot 1.25x)
NPC Heina - you will receive 1x choosen furniture to house from "valentines furnitures" series

NPC Loren - you will receive 5x event token
NPC Cashier Jane - you will receive 8x credit cards
NPC Lucie - you will receive 100 bonus points

Valentine's Quest
Temporaty quest: Tower of Love has be unlocked.
Your goal is to get to the top of the tower to save princess.
There is a special task to do on each floor.
The quest will be in game for over a week, so everyone will be able to do it!

[size=16]Tutorial to the quest: <link>

Have fun celebrating Valentine's Day!

Nilan @ 2020-01-29, 15:25
January skins

Nilan @ 2020-01-23, 16:08
VIP recruitment
Graphic Designers recruitment just started.
Graphic Designer will be given in-game rank V.I.P.

What's the role of V.I.P.?
V.I.P. Creates graphics for now update, based on a commission, which would be talked about and given on Discord.

How to become a V.I.P.?
To become a V.I.P. you should PM me with your application: on forum or on Discord ( @Nilan#5859 ).
Your application should contain one graphic of monster/outfit sized 32x32px or 64x64px or few items/parts of environment - those graphics have to be created by you!
You don't have to send graphics connected with DB, any graphics from other OTS will be good as well!

What are the benefits of being V.I.P.?
You receive a rank V.I.P. in game, which allows you to enter Gods Island with trainers, and free, unlimited time of Z-Fighter (PACC).
Any other rewards will be discused individually.
I encourage all of you to contact me :)