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Nilan @ Today 15:40
Cyber Monday 2019
Cyber Monday - the opportunity to buy valuable items.

Start at 20:00 Polish time.
To buy we must have items on the character (NOT in depot, NOT in stash) preferably in the main backpack.
After a successful purchase 30s exhaust.

Doomfletch @ 2019-11-29, 18:54
Black Friday and Black Week


Auctions on forum
Full Senzu Title (items) (lasts until 08.12.2019 7:00 PM)
Red Shenron Backpack (items) (lasts until 08.12.2019 7:20 PM)
Domek - West City L (items) (lasts until 08.12.2019 7:40 PM)
Unique - Belmod Statue (z-scrolls only) (lasts until 08.12.2019 8:00 PM)
Improved Snowman Set (z-scrolls only) (lasts until 08.12.2019 8:20 PM)

All skins are 20% OFF!

Sales on Z-Market!
- trade 1x z-scroll FOR 25x credit cards WAS 16x (55% MORE!)
- trade 5x z-scroll FOR 8x salamandre skin WAS 6x (33% MORE!)
- frags remover NOW FOR 1x z-scroll WAS 2x (50% OFF!)
- kinto NOW FOR 3x z-scroll WAS 4x (25% OFF!)
- treasure key NOW FOR 2x z-scroll WAS 3x (33% OFF!)
- small random box NOW FOR 1x z-scroll WAS 2x (50% OFF!)
- normal random box NOW FOR 4x z-scroll WAS 5x (20% OFF!)
- big random box NOW FOR 8x z-scroll WAS 10x (20% OFF!)
- document NOW FOR 40x z-scroll WAS 60x (33% OFF!)
- frost random box NOW FOR 5x z-scroll WAS 6x (16% OFF!)
- dark random box NOW FOR 12x z-scroll WAS 18x (33% OFF!)
- delicious soup recipe NOW FOR 15x z-scroll WAS 20x (25% OFF!)
- statue holder NOW FOR 40x z-scroll WAS 50x (20% OFF!)
- soul redemption NOW FOR 20x z-scroll WAS 25x (20% OFF!)
- golden noble chest NOW FOR 20x z-scroll WAS 25x (20% OFF!)
- platinum noble chest NOW FOR 40x z-scroll WAS 50x (20% OFF!)
- emerald noble chest NOW FOR 60x z-scroll WAS 75x (20% OFF!)
- ruby noble chest NOW FOR 80x z-scroll WAS 100x (20% OFF!)

Black Week lasts until 10.12.2019 12:10 AM (Tuesday).

Cyber Monday starts on 02.12.2019 - on this day limited amount of valuable items will be available for currency, such as credit cards, salamandre skins, z-scrolls and dragon balls.
Full item list and price list will be posted on Monday. Shopping will begin at 8:00 PM. (first come first served)

Doomfletch @ 2019-11-20, 11:57
Schedule - Halloween Event

Schedule - Halloween Event

15.11.2019 (Friday):
- Halloween lottery begins (main prize - pumpkin set and legendary heart!) (link)
- Houses for sale: (link)

18.11.2019 (Monday):
- Halloween Event nerf:

* NPC Witch no longer offers boosters for tokens
* monsters no longer drop candies
* pumpkin token drop rate is reduced by half
* necromancy no longer grants pumpkin tokens
* all healing items now are allowed in Halloween Castle but are 25% less effective than candies
* undead bosses spawn 2x less frequently
* Halloween Quest requires 2x less killed undead bosses

- additional Banshee spawns on Monday at 18:00
- additional Huge Skeletor spawns on Wednesday and Saturday at 18:00
- 18.11.2019 20:00 - Unique Skin auction ends (link)
- 18.11.2019 23:59 - 'Birthday Card' contest ends (link)
- 18.11.2019 23:59 - 'Server Motto' contest ends (link)

19.11.2019 (Tuesday):
- Judgement Day #1 - first automatic punishment for players who are using illegal software, based on logs from last week

26.11.2019 (Tuesday):
- house auctions end: (link)
- Halloween Event ends:

* undead monsters - removed from the game
* NPC Witch is removed from the game
* Halloween Tower - removed from the game
* Halloween Quest - removed from the game
* Pumpkin Shenron cannot be summoned, bonuses from wishes disappear
* Halloween obelisks, invasions, scary pumpkins - removed from the game
* necromancy does not award pumpkin tokens, but still spawns monsters until 03.12.2019 12:10

- results of the Halloween Tower competition: (link)
- food and frag boosters work until the end of the year, other boosters work for an indefinite period
- halloween candies do not work
- scary mask, blue candy, old book do not work, but bonuses will remain until 03.12.2019 12:10
- pumpkin tokens still grant +1 bp for each token
- Skeleton skin cards, Halloween skin cards and Bundle - removed from the store
- Halloween Lottery ends (link)
- new planet Vampa is released*


29.11.2019 (Friday):
- Black Friday & Black Week starts