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Nilan @ Today 17:00
Update preview and break in delivery of PACC
IMPORTANT! I won't be there for about a week, that's why premium points bought after 08.10.2019 will be given after 15.10.2019.
(If you send a payment over the weekend or on Monday, you will receive a promotion before the break.)

Update preview
At the end of October, an update will be introduced with the Halloween Event.
You can expect an action bar, new raids, an event quest, new challenges with prizes and 'supply stash'.

Supply Stash is an additional storage space in the depot, in which you will be able to keep 'stackable items' of a given type in one slot with unlimited amount.
This will make it easier to take items from the depot, you won't have to stuff them in a dozen of backpacks.

More info soon.

Nilan @ 2019-09-26, 22:38
End of Summer Event

The Summer Event has been withdrawn.

IMPORTANT! Significant changes in about a month, 22.10.2019:
- 'bottom aura' will be withdrawn from Part IV Summer quest
- boosters: exp/loot/skill will be weakened from 1.5x to 1.25x
- fishes on skills will be weakened from 2x to 1.5x

You have a month to use up your booster and fish if you want the full bonus.
Hurry to use boosters, they are nerfed so quickly.

Nilan @ 2019-09-11, 12:09
Skins for September

Goku Black - Hakaishin - unique skin from auction

(more info in changelog)