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Id Mission Information Reward Level
Ask Goku about sagas.
Goku lives in his house somewhere in the south-east forest. He has a mission for you. start saga 0
Find nyoibo.
If you want to help Goku, find his staff first. It's in Grandpa Gohan's house which is located in north-eastern part of the forest. nyoibo 0
Bring the nyoibo to Goku.
Goku waits until you bring him his staff. 10 zeni bankonote 0
Stop Pilaf.
You're now ready to stop your real enemy Pilaf. He lives in his castle in south of Center City. 100 health + 10k exp ,light set 0
Kill General White.
Deceitful Pilaf wanted to be the king of the world. There is one more organisation who wants to reign over the world - Red Ribbon. They are searching for something and killing people. First stop General White on Winter Island in the north-east. casual weapons + 15 zeni bankonte 20
Kill General Blue.
You killed General White, now it's time to stop others from the Red Ribbon organisation. Kill General Blue, he has a base in the mountains nearby the pirate cave. 20k exp. 20
Drink some holy water.
Red Ribbon lost two generals. Now they are weak, but there is one problem. The Red Ribbon Boss invited the famous killer to stop you. Before the fight go to Karrin in Karrin Tower, he has something that will give you power. melee skills 20
Kill Tao Pai Pai.
You have to fight with the famous killer Tao Pai Pai. Go to the west part of the forest and find him before he finds you! 30k exp. 20
Kill General Red.
After Tao Pai Pai's death nothing can stop you from killing General Red, the boss of the Red Ribbon organisation. He's waiting for Tao Pai Pai's report in Red Ribbon Castle south from Karrin's Tower. 50k exp. 20
Ask Goku about the fight.
After destroying the Red Ribbon organisation peace came back to the world, but not for long. You have to get ready for next fight. 10 20
Fight with Tenshin.
Tenshin lives somewhere in the south-east mountains near Goku. 100 ki points + 75k expa 20
Ask Kame Sennin about the history of Piccolo.
When you were training, something terrible happened on Earth. Devil, who was an enemy of Kame Sennin in the past, came back to life. Talk with Kame Sennin, he lives on his island south of Goku's house. 50 50
Fight Piccolo Daimao.
Piccolo Daimao travels by ship, now he's somewhere in the west part of South City forest. Find him and fight him. 150k exp. 50
Find magic water.
Piccolo Daimao almost died, but he found something that gave him power. Talk with Karrin, he will give you more information about the ice labyrinth north of Karrin Tower. 300 health + 300 ki points 50
Kill Piccolo Daimao.
Piccolo Daimao is now younger and stronger. Now he's in East City, help the Mayor of this city and kill Piccolo Daimao. 75 + 250k exp. 50
Ask Dende about the training.
Piccolo Daimao died, but before he died he made an egg. His son will hatch from this egg. You have to be ready to fight him. Take training with Dende in Dende Palace above Karrin Tower. Say train to him. 200 health + 250k exp. 50
Fight with Piccolo.
Use Dende's tips and go on Papaya Island east of South City. The son of Piccolo Daimao will be there. His name is Piccolo. 500k exp. 50
Ask Goku about the next mission.
Goku has information for you about the next mission. 100lvl set, 100bonus points 100
Kill Raditz.
Raditz landed somewhere in the east desert. Gohan shirt, green/blue scouter 100
Talk with North Kaio about the saiyans.
Raditz wasn't alone, two strong saiyans are flying to Earth. Go to North Kaio in Heaven to train and to be ready for fight. 400 ki points 100
Kill Nappa.
The saiyans arrived on Earth in the east part of the desert near dinosaur mountains. 800k exp. 100
Fight with Vegeta.
There's only one saiyan left now - Vegeta! 1.2 mln exp. 100
Fight with Vegeta Oozaru.
After your hard fight with Vegeta, the saiyan became a big monkey. He ran to triceratops mountains! 2.0 mln exp. 100
Talk with Goku about Freezer.
Vegeta had a lot of luck, he escaped Earth before you killed him, but there are now more problems. 100 bonus points 150
Fly to planet Namek.
On an island North-West of Karrin Tower there is an old Namek ship. Use it to fly to planet Namek. 200k exp. 150
Kill Dodoria.
Now find Freezer's guards in the destroyed Namek cities and kill them. 400k exp. 150
Kill Zarbon.
Dodoria is dead, but Freezer has one more guard. 800k exp. 150
Find Guru and ask him about Freezer.
Freezer's guards have been defeated. Guru, the oldest Namekian, will help you for the next fight. 400 health 150
Kill Gerudo.
Freezer asked for help, The Ginyu Force is coming. They landed near your ship on Namek. Kill every one of them. 250k exp. 150
Kill Recoome.
Freezer asked for help, so the Ginyu Force is coming. Kill every single one of them. 350k exp. 150
Kill Baata.
You have to kill every one of the Ginyu Force. 450k exp. 150
Kill Jisu.
You have to kill every one of the Ginyu Force. 600k exp. 150
Kill Ginyu.
You have to kill every one of the Ginyu Force. 1 mln. exp. 150
Back to Guru and ask him about Freezer.
Ginyu Force has been defeated. Now it's time for the imperator of galactic, but before you do it go to Guru and rest. 100 ki,150 bonus points 150
Fight Freezer at his first form.
Time for the real fight. Freezer is now somewhere on his ship. 750k exp. 150
Fight Freezer at his second form.
The fight has begun. Freezer transformed into his second form. Now he is near his ship on planet Namek. 1.2 mln exp. 150
Fight Freezer at his third form.
Freezer transformed into the third form. He is in the northern part of planet Namek. 1.5 mln exp. 150
Fight Freezer at his last form.
Freezer transformed into his last form. He is in the northern part of planet Namek. 2.0 mln exp. 150
Fly on Earth by Freezer ship.
Freezer has been defeated. 100 ki points 150
Kill Mecha Freezer.
Unbelievable! Freezer escaped from Namek before he died and King Cold helped him. Now he's stronger than ever. 4 mln exp. 150
Ask Goku about the cyborgs.
Freezer is now dead, but when you were on Namek something terrible happened on Earth. 200lvl set, 300 bonus points 210
Kill C19.
Like Trunks said cyborgs should appear in South City. 1.5 mln exp. 210
Ask Doctor Gero about the cyborgs.
This machine was created by Doctor Gero. Find his secret laboratory in the North City mountains. 2 credit cards 210
Fight with C16.
Doctor Gero made three dangerous cyborgs. Destroy the first one of them. 2.5 mln exp. 210
Fight with C17.
C16 has been defeated. Your next two enemies are C17 and C18, find and kill them. 3.5 mln exp. 210
Fight with C18.
The last cyborg to kill is C18, find her and kill her. 5 mln exp. 210
Ask Dende about the cyborgs.
C17 and C18 had a lot of luck and they ran away, but now there is no time to follow them. Dende wants to tell you about something important. 500 bonus points 210
Fight with Cell at his first form.
Piccolo met strange creature somewhere near the jungle in Ginger Town. This monster is probably Doctor Gero's best machine. 7.5 mln exp. 210
Fight with Cell at his second form.
You almost killed this monster, but he was too fast and ran away. Piccolo said he is looking for C17 and C18. He wants to absorb them, now he is in South City and he probably already has absorbed C17. 10 mln exp. 210
Ask Dende about the training.
When you were so close to beating Cell, he absorbed C18 and it gave him strength. Now he is really strong. He organized a tournament to show his power. You have to be careful, take a training with Dende. 800 health + 500 ki points 210
Kill Perfect Cell.
Now you are ready to fight with the powerful enemy. Tournament will be somewhere near east desert on Cell Area. 15 mln exp. 210
Ask Goku about tournament.
You stopped Cell. On Earth a tournament has begun and something strange happened there. 5credit cards ,250 bonus points,300lvl weapons 320
Kill Yamu.
Evil Babidi wants to bring a monster to life called Buu. He needs a lot of energy, in the tournament his guards found Gohan and took his energy. Kill Babidi's first guard called Yamu. 5 mln exp. 320
Kill Pui Pui.
You stopped Yamu, but it is too late. Babidi doesn't have enough energy yet. This is your chance. Enter his ship and kill his guards. 10 mln exp. 320
Kill Yakon.
You stopped Pui Pui, the next guard of Babidi is a monster called Yakon. 15 mln exp. 320
Fight with Dabura.
You stopped Yakon, Babidi's last guard is Dabura. Fight him! 25 mln exp. + 50 hell fruits 320
Fight with Majin Vegeta.
Dabura disappeared, after that something strange happened to Vegeta. He is in the mountains near West City and he wants to fight with you. 25 mln exp. + 300 health 320
Fight with Fat Buu.
When you fought with Majin Vegeta, Babidi got full power required to bring Buu back to life, but this monster killed his master. He is really dangerous, you have to stop him! Now he is somewhere in mechanoid mountains. 30 mln exp. 320
Fight with Super Buu.
Fat Buu regenerated fast, it is not easy to kill him. Now he transformed, stop him as fast as possible. He is somewhere in the Nam desert. 50 mln exp. 320
Ask Supreme Kai about Buu.
Buu transformed again, now he is smaller and stronger! Go to Heaven and find Supreme Kai, he will tell you what happened with Buu. 800 health 320
Kill Kid Buu.
Kid Buu came to you. Now it's time for the real fight! 75 mln exp. + 1000 ki 320