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Monsters Levels

Normal monsters

  • monsters got levels from 1 to 10
  • monster's attributes like melee damage, ki damage and health depends of monster level
  • these attributes increase the power of a monster up to +50%
  • monsters with high level gives more experience and got better loot
  • you can check level of a monster using "look" on it

LevelPower increaseChance of occurrenceBonuses
1+0%45%experience and loot 1.00x
2+5%16%experience and loot 1.05x
3+10%10%experience and loot 1.10x
4+15%8%experience and loot 1.15x
5+20%6%experience and loot 1.20x
6+25%5%experience and loot 1.25x
7+30%4%experience and loot 1.30x
8+35%3%experience and loot 1.35x
9+40%2%experience and loot 1.40x
10+50%1%experience and loot 1.50x

Strong monsters

  • strong monster appears once per 600 normal monsters, it is marked with white skull
  • strong monster gives 5x more experience and got 5x better loot
  • strong monster got 1.5x more melee and ki damage
  • strong monster got 3x more health
  • strong monster gives up to 5 bonus points

Elite monsters

  • elite monster appears once per 30000 normal monsters, it is marked with red skull
  • elite monster gives 100x more experience and got 50x better loot
  • elite monster got 2x better melee and ki damage
  • elite monster got 300x more health
  • elite monster gives up to 10 bonus points
  • weak elite monster drops 1x treasure box
  • average elite monster drops 2x treasure box
  • strong elite monster drops 3x treasure box
  • treasure boxes have to be opened with treasure key
  • loot from elite monster is shared between players who dealed most of damage

Treasure Box

Tutorial - Treasure Boxes items